Dating in Japanese Culture – Main Things To Know

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No matter if the customs are about eating or behavior, Japan has a special attitude to it. Japan is special and famous for its rich and unique culture. In fact, some aspects of Japanese dating culture may not be understood by Western men. In this article, you will be able to learn about the Japanese culture of dating, as well as what women should do while dating foreign men when they are 20 years old. If you are wondering how to date a Japanese couple, then you can continue reading.

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Japanese Dating Customs

There are so many important things to remember in the Japanese culture of dating. If you decide to meet the bride of Japan, then you should remember the following things:

Confession is Essential

When Japanese couples start dating in Japan, in most cases it all starts with the so-called confession. This is the moment when a partner tells his girlfriend about the feelings and asks her to date him. This is the point where all relationships begin. Usually, a denomination is what a man does, not a woman, though in some cases it is possible and vice versa.

In contrast, instead of getting affirmation of their partner’s feelings, Western couples usually go on a few dates, and gradually there will be a mutual awareness that there is something more between them. Because of this, there are some people in the West who may think that they have a better chance if someone agrees to go for coffee with them. If you think the same way during Japanese dating, then it will be wrong, because dating Japanese brides means nothing and they can have many dates at the same time.

Japanese culture relationships show that people often go out for tea and lunch just as friends for fun and not for dating. Therefore, in Japan, unless you confess your girlfriend and have not defined your mutual feelings, you cannot know when your Japanese relationship as a couple will begin.

Who Pay the Bills?

It depends on the generation and territory, and also on the individual couple, but there is a trend for younger generations for couples to share the date with their relationship as their relationship progresses. It’s not because Japanese women are cheap. Women growing up are aware that it is necessary to divide the bills equally for Japanese relationships to be equal. It improves personal relationships and allows women to feel more confident because they no longer rely on men for everything.

Japanese dating culture

People in a pair must share things equally to maintain equality. On a first date, the rule is that a man must pay for a woman to show his financial position. But as the relationship progresses, women are increasingly involved in paying for things. They say that men should pay bills only in special cases, such as Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries.

Weekend Date

In the West, people often like casual dating just for sex. People can meet for lunch or take a couple of hours for coffee, a meal or a stroll. Japanese people during Japanese dating do these things too, but it’s usually part of a long day together. The main event of a date is a visit to the theater, a shopping trip or seeing a fireworks display. That is why when the Japanese plan a date for the weekend, they usually spend the whole day together.

If you want to get relationships in Japan, then you have to think of something more than a cup of coffee or lunch. Dedicate all your weekends to a Japanese date and cancel all the chores so that everything works out perfectly.

Public Displays of Affection

We can often see couples in the West kissing and hugging in public. Generally speaking, Japanese marriage culture is created so that people can only hold hands but not kiss in public. And there is a reason why this is happening. First, the Japanese people value privacy very much, and Japanese culture says that avoiding publicity keeps relationships and makes relationships between two people stronger. And the other reason is that other people may think that this Japanese couple lacks moral values, and some people may think that it makes them feel uncomfortable.

If you are a foreign man, there are some exceptions for you, in the form of a small kiss on the cheek but only once. The Japanese culture of dating is special, and it’s been created over the years to keep your relationship strong and nobody can ruin it. Perhaps your bride has many Japanese supporters and it will hurt them when they learn about your insult, so sometimes it’s better to remain silent.

Stay-At-Home Dates

There are plenty of people in Japan who love to relax and take the weekend off to spend time at home. This is why many couples like to play video games or watch movies at home. Dating and marriage in Japan are special and as you spend time at home you become closer to each other and create special bonds between you. You seem to be trying to live together as a family and this allows you to analyze whether you would like to live with such a person.

Westerners use their weekends more actively; they plan to meet with friends and other walks in advance. If you are a Western man, then during Japanese dating you may find a compromise, such as some weekends at home and others with friends. Japanese couples think of their time alone together as something very important that is slightly different from European couples who enjoy spending time with friends.

Valentines Day

In the west, Valentine’s Day is the day when women wait for an invitation from a man. In Japanese courting, it is more common when Japanese women make some chocolate or a gift for men to whom they have certain feelings. This is a day that makes men’s hearts beat even faster. Imagine that not only do you have to think about the gift, but in return, you only get a thank you, and that you are also in for a surprise in accordance with the culture of Japanese dating.

You can always forget about a girl’s gift for Valentine’s Day because a month later in Japan there is a special day called White Day. On this day, men should give gifts to women in return. This proves once again that in Japan, men and women are treated equally. Recently, it has become commonplace for women to give chocolates to other people in their lives as well. They can surprise their friends in the form of a “Friendly Chocolate” or make the same gift to their boss.

Live Before Marriage in Japan

Japan marriage culture says that only half of all couples live together before marriage, while in the west, all people do. In the west, it is very important to live together before marriage, because this is the only way you can learn more about a person, and determine if it is right for you because then you will need to live that life for the rest of your life. Lately, semi-cohabitation has become more commonplace. This means that couples spend half a week together, even if they are not officially living together.

However, people do not tend to think that if they do not live before the wedding, then marriage itself will go badly. The tradition of confession is the stage when couples can make it clear that they are dating from the beginning. Because of this, the steps towards marriage are relatively smooth compared to the West. You can sleep together but not live together or vice versa. A lot depends on how you agreed from the beginning. The Japanese culture of dating is not so strict as to forbid completely living together before marriage.

Japanese Women Are Family-Oriented

In the west, it seems like people are starting to think about marriage after dating and then they are moving a little further. Although the idea of ​​marriage has changed in the modern environment, the Japanese are beginning to think about Japanese marriage after 20 years. It’s only Japanese women who usually start thinking about marriage after 20 years, and men first try to find a job, buy their own home, and much more before they start thinking about serious relationships that can lead to marriage.

They think about getting married because otherwise, they find it a waste of time to be with someone but not see their partner as a potential bride. Evaluating your partner throughout the relationship and going through each stage can be something unique to Japanese women. Almost after the first date, Japanese women are confident that they will be able to marry you. When choosing a Japanese date you should remember that if a woman decides to date you, then she has serious intentions.


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