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Japan is a country of amazing culture and equally amazing beauty standards. At the end of the 20th century, models of atypical appearance, including those of Asian origin, were new. Oriental girls who managed to make a splash on European catwalks really made history. Among them was Saeko Yamaguchi, the muse of Kenzo Takada, and one of the few Asian girls who could turn the idea of ​​beauty in the 70s and show how diverse the world is. She made a real revolution in the world of fashion and the understanding of beauty in general. Now, many people appreciate black hair, almond-shaped, slanting eyes, and a mysterious look. It is also worth noting that Japanese women are distinctly different from most Southeast Asians; they have rounder, larger eyes, more like Europeans. Probably the Japanese-American War played an important role in the formation of this interesting feature. Since then, many Americans have chosen good looking Japanese women as their wives.

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Kiara 28 y.o.
Mio 33 y.o.

Beauty Standards in Japan

Japan is a country of amazing culture and equally amazing Japanese beauty standards. After reading this article, you are unlikely to have doubts about it. So what makes local women stand out? How do they look? How do oriental ladies differ from their Western “friends?” 

Light Skin

From mass market to luxury, you will find skin whitening products in every Japanese cosmetics brand. Here, every average Japanese face has a porcelain hue, which Japanese women associate with health, wealth, and well-being. For a long time, darker skin tone has been associated with the low social status of the girl in Japan, so even now country residents diligently avoid the sun rays so that their neat little Japanese noses do not burn out. They actively use sunscreens and gels in order to prevent early skin aging. One of the traditional Japanese beauty products is BB lightening creams, which are often supplemented with natural pearl particles to give complexions more radiance.

Skin Care Is More Important Than Makeup

Of course, every pretty Japanese woman is not indifferent to make-up trends, but she also follows the innovations in the world of beauty cosmetics and scincare much more carefully. You may probably have noticed how many trends come from Japan – from multi-stage washing to hydrogen gel patches. In the land of the rising sun, they love rare ingredients and working formulas. The world popularity of Japanese cosmetics has been brought precisely by the fact that it fulfills all the promises stated on the packaging.


Asian women for dating are known for their love of all kinds of vitamins and dietary supplements. In this country, there are no prejudices about dietary supplements at all. It is considered a natural addition to the main daily diet. For example, detox jelly with chlorella, which is produced on the island of long-lived Okinawa, removes toxins from the body, promotes weight loss, restores the digestive system, and normalizes sleep phases. Collagen is also popular in the form of tablets, jellies, and youth drinks. So do not be surprised if your woman is a fan of dietary supplements.

Multi-Step Care

Local women are uncompromising in matters of beauty and always follow simple but numerous rules. One of them is a multi-stage care system, which girls follow from early childhood. For each task, a special tool is used, and all stages are followed one by one. Such a discipline is important – after a couple of weeks of multi-stage treatment, “black spots” disappear; the complexion is evened out, and, accordingly, other means work more effectively.


Small stature combined with thin arms and small size is considered the Japanese beauty ideal and femininity. It was formed many centuries ago when girls were the standard of attractiveness. And until now, many men give preference to ladies of miniature sizes and choose them as their life companions. That is why breast augmentation surgeries are still unpopular in Japan.

Huge Eyes

Why are Japanese women so beautiful? For example, when comparing Japanese and Korean beauty standards, the first difference is the shape of the eyes. Japanese women have huge eyes; this is the answer to the question of why many men like them more than other Asian women. There is a whole cult of lovers of huge eyes, and thousands of anime cartoons are filmed in the country, where all the characters have huge eyes. It is also worth noting that Japanese women are often referred to as beautiful Japanese American women due to their resemblance to Europeans.

Japan Beauty Hacks

In Japanese cosmetics, ingenuity is surprising. Scientific thought gives momentum to the entire industry: cosmetology shakes hands with medicine. As a result, it is not cosmetics but real therapy. The placenta, stem cells, nano colloids of gold and platinum, squalane, fullerene, and hydrogen – these are the components of anti-age remedies today. But even that is not all. Here are some useful tips that all local girls follow to look beautiful and young: 

  1. There is no need to be afraid – Japan is a country where people are very careful. The Japanese are disciplined and reserved people, so they will not produce anything that could be harmful to a Japanese girl body. Therefore, all powders are based on plant enzymes, and nowhere else will you see such popularity of dietary supplements as in Japan. Japanese cosmetics are popular in many countries because they are natural, and manufacturers have a high credit of trust.
  2. Train yourself to two-phase cleansing – Cleansing is the foundation of Japanese women’s beauty skincare. First, remove your makeup (every typical Japanese girl does it), then rinse off the makeup remover itself, and remove the deep dirt. Foams for washing can be a real discovery. Japanese pretty girls wash their faces with thick dense foam, which is especially beaten with a special mesh for foaming. There should be a lot of foam: ideally so much so that you do not touch your face with your hands, but “massage” it only with a foamy mass.
  3. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize again – If your dream is to make your face look as young and healthy as Japanese women faces, then try new moisturizing options. Among the moisturizers that Japanese women beautiful use, lotions in the liquid phase are much more popular than conventional creams. In summer, the lotion is an excellent alternative to moisturizer for normal to oily skin. It is also very popular to use masks with complex effects instead of creams: for example, moisturizing with lifting or moisturizing with anti-age. The procedure lasts only 15 minutes, but the result exceeds all expectations.
  4. Japan beauty girls pay special attention to the eyes. Japanese ideal woman is very mindful of eye health and consistently uses antioxidant moisturizing drops. This protects the eyes from aging, relieves fatigue, and makes them look “fresh.” Regular use of eye patches is a great way to delay the onset of blepharoplasty. Antioxidants are a fad and are found in almost all stores. Top cosmetics companies are constantly looking for an antioxidant for Japanese beauty ideals that prevents aging and cell destruction.
  5. If you want to be like a perfect Japanese woman, protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Typical Japanese women recommend maintaining a protective layer if you want healthy skin. It protects moisture from evaporation and the epidermis from microbes. The number one substance used for this in Japan is pure squalane oil. It’s crazy to think, but you will be pleasantly surprised, such a restoration of protection and powerful anti-aging care is a must for every woman, especially in winter.

Top 6 Oddities That Are Considered Beautiful in Japan

Japan is an amazing country with its own culture, customs, and Japanese women beauty standards. Today, many of the standards of beauty that are adopted by the locals are incomprehensible to an ordinary person in another country. Let’s take a look at Japanese vs Korean beauty standards.

Color Contact Lenses

Most natural Japanese girls and even guys prefer to wear colored lenses. It is believed that you can make your eyes more beautiful in this way, and this is an opportunity for self-expression. It may be so, but some lens models look very strange and even frightening. But all this is Japanese culture, which is incomprehensible to many. This once again confirms the special attention is paid to the eyes in this country. 

Lightly Curled Hair

If you have seen the hair of Asians at least once, then you know that it is tougher than that of Europeans, and besides, it is always straight. But as they say, beauty requires sacrifice. Therefore, local dudes decide to curl the ends of their hair. It is suitable for short to medium hair. If you have long hair, it is best to wear it straight. In Japan, these are the standards of beauty.

Nail Art

Today, this popular culture has spread not only in Japan but also far beyond its borders. The art of applying various patterns to nail plates is a fairly popular procedure.

Plastic Surgery “Double Eyelid”

The beauty standard associated with big eyes is also very popular. Today, different operations for eyelid doubling can be made. As a result, the eye opens as wide as possible.


On the streets of Japan, you can often find people who deliberately put their legs so that they can see their clubfoot. Subsequently, it becomes a habit, and the legs are deformed.

Platform Shoes

It is a purely Japanese feature that has smoothly become a trend all over the world since last year. True, these girls have long been wearing platform shoes, and this is no longer something new to them. When in this country, you will see a platform height that you never dreamed of. It is just difficult to imagine how girls walk at such a height, but it is definitely considered beautiful in Japan.

Puffy Eyes

European men believe that bags under the eyes and a pale face are signs of fatigue or illness. In Japan, the opposite belief is true; many girls go out of their way to look pale. Maybe they are twilight fans.


It is also worth noting that, despite the peculiar ideals of beauty, many local girls imitate American women. These girls are called beautiful Japanese American women. Therefore, they strive to look and act in public like typical American teenagers. This trend is one of the main ones, which, like white skin, remains stable for a very long time. 

If you come to Japan, then be ready to receive a lot of compliments. Local girls are very complex about their Asian facial features, and the pursuit of European standards for them turns into a real race for beauty. With wide large light eyes, double eyelids, a small face and lips, hair of a different color, and many other things, these women are trying to create artificially using plastic surgeries.

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