Which Asian Country Has the Most Beautiful Woman

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Asia is the most populated continent with a population of 4.3 billion people, it is logical that most beautiful women live in Asia. Which Asian country has the most beautiful women? It is difficult to choose the most beautiful Asian race. According to statistics, the best-looking Asian women live in such as Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and India. Millions of men travel to Asia every year to meet future wives. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 hottest Asian countries with the best-looking Asian girls.

Japanese Women Profiles

Jun 23 y.o.
Fumiko 29 y.o.
Emi 30 y.o.
Kagami 34 y.o.
Kiara 28 y.o.
Mio 33 y.o.

1. Japan

Japanese ladies are extremely attractive, which is why they are naturally considered one of the good looking Asian girls. They are always stylish and often come up with fashion trends themselves. Therefore, Japanese women are so desirable among men. Japanese girls are sociable and love to go on dates. They are very natural and practically do not use cosmetics. It is also worth noting that local ladies are extremely humble and polite. Many young Japanese women do plastic surgery not to enlarge their breasts but to enlarge their eyes, and many men find it sexy. Also, in Japan, girls have a special clubfoot, which gives them their uniqueness and originality.

2. China

Chinese beauties have their own personal style and do not imitate western street style. Chinese beauties stand out from the crowd, they dress in a minimalist style, and they also like to combine incompatible colors in clothes. Also, Chinese beauties like to dress in the style of a fake market, decorate themselves with many small accessories. What else men love about Chinese girls is their genetic thinness. Most Chinese women are petite, but they also have long legs, so they often wear mini-skirts that show off their chiseled figures.

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3. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places you can ever visit and is located in South Asia. Besides being famous for its Balinese resorts, it is also quite popular for its adorable best looking Asian girls. It is safe to say that Indonesian girls do a great job to be healthy and beautiful. These ladies follow a healthy lifestyle and do fitness. Therefore, they are so popular with millions of men.

4. Philippines

Filipina is something special. They have Spanish, American, and local blood, which is why Filipinas are so exotic. Thanks to such a mixture, it is not surprising that they more often than other wins in various beauty contests. Unlike typical citizens of Asia, Filipinos have more European facial features, which makes them unique and inimitable.

5. India

Billions of people are in love with Indian films and the women that are filmed there. These Asian singles have a natural talent for dancing, they are sexy, plastic, graceful. Also worth noting are their large eyes, smooth, neat noses, full lips. Such ladies will not leave anyone indifferent.


Asian girls are very popular with men. They are feminine, sexy, attractive, and at the same time modest, docile, and obedient. But this is far from their most important advantage. Men are attracted to something more. Local women know how to use their bodies – shy postures, graceful gait, minimum make-up, shy languid eyes, and the right clothes. All these nuances make each Asian country with the most beautiful woman in Asia incredibly desirable among millions of men around the world.


Which Most Beautiful Woman Each Southeast Asian Country?

Each East Asian country has the most beautiful women. Some of them became world-famous models and achieved considerable heights in the international arena, thereby glorifying their countries. Here is a list of super famous East Asian girls:

The charming Megan was born in Alexandria, Virginia, in an American and Filipino family. When the girl was 10 years old, the family moved to the Philippines. It was here that Megan began her modeling career, and in 2013 she received the Miss World title, becoming the first Filipina to win this prestigious beauty contest. Today, the girl is a famous actress in the Philippines, a TV presenter, and a successful model, and since 2012 she has also been the National Ambassador of Peace.

Popular Thai model and actress. She has become world-famous for her amazing beauty and impressive achievements in the entertainment industry. Paula began her career as a presenter on Channel V, then starred in the film Memory, but her participation in The Amazing Race Asia 2 brought her real fame. Today Paula is considered one of the most popular TV hosts in Thailand, and her popularity has gone far beyond Thailand.

Asifa Latief is a model and student. She won the title “Miss Indonesia 2010”, became the first Arab-Indonesian lady to win this title. She won the Best Body nomination at the Miss World 2010 contest.

Why Do Asian Women Want to Leave From the Home Countries?

It’s simple – these girls want a better life. Most Asian ladies are not attached to their country and want to get married and have a better life abroad. According to fine Asian women, men from the West treat women better than men from their homeland. Therefore, they sign up on online dates sites that specialize in serious relationships or move to countries where they dream of finding husbands.

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